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Starting at $75

Every custom cake is baked fresh for your special event.
Elements from any cake can be combined to create your own unique flavor!

  • Pink Champagne
    Blush pink cake made with real pink champagne, filled with champagne soaked strawberries and Swiss meringue buttercream infused with a pink champagne syrup.


  • Classic Carrot Cake* 
    Moist carrot cake with toasted pecans and golden raisins. Filled with cream cheese flavored Swiss meringue buttercream.
    *nuts and/or raisins can be omitted upon request


  • Red Velvet
    Crimson layers of red velvet cake blanketed with rich cream cheese flavored Swiss meringue buttercream.


  • Cookies & Cream
    Fluffy vanilla cake with chopped Oreos baked in each layer, filled with a layer of crushed Oreos, and frosted with an Oreo cookie filling vanilla buttercream.


  • Salted Caramel
    Caramel cake layers filled with salted caramel sauce, salted caramel truffle pieces, and caramel-infused Swiss meringue buttercream. 


  • Lemon Lovers
    Lemon cake filled with tangy lemon curd, and lemon Swiss meringue buttercream.


  • Key Lime
    Zesty lime cake with a layer of graham cracker crumb, filled with key lime curd and white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream


  • Turtle*
    Dark chocolate cake filled with whipped chocolate ganache, salted caramel sauce and toasted pecans.
    * contains nuts


  • Twix
    Tender vanilla cake layers with a shortbread crust, filled with decadent caramel sauce and chocolate buttercream

  • Classic Vanilla
    Fluffy vanilla cake layers with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Available filling options listed below.


  • White Almond 
    Bright white almond cake with a subtly sweet almond Swiss meringue buttercream. Available filling options listed below. 

  • Rocky Road
    Marbled vanilla and chocolate cake with homemade marshmallow fluff filling, candied almond slices and chocolate buttercream. 

  • Raspberry Lemonade
    Alternating layers of raspberry and lemon cake, filled with a tangy lemon curd and raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream


  • Tiramisu
    Vanilla cake drizzled with espresso syrup, filled with Kahlua-infused mousse, chocolate shavings, and finished with mascarpone Swiss meringue buttercream 


  • Confetti
    Moist vanilla cake layers dyed any color, with added sprinkles, finished with white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream


  • Peanut Butter Cup
    Chocolate cake layers filled with chopped peanut butter cup candy and peanut butter Swiss meringue buttercream

  • Pina Colada 
    Rum-soaked coconut cake layers with pineapple filling and a coconut rum infused Swiss meringue buttercream

  • Almond Joy
    Dark Chocolate Cake filled with toasted coconut and candied almonds, with a coconut Swiss meringue buttercream


  • Chocolate Lovers
    Dark Chocolate Cake baked with chocolate chips, filled with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream


  • Fresh Fruit Filling: Raspberry, Strawberry or Blackberry

  • Lemon or Lime Curd

  • Dark Chocolate Ganache

  • White Chocolate Ganache

  • Mousse Filling: Chocolate, Vanilla, Pistachio, Butterscotch, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream or Piña Colada

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